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Nonlinear Load frequency control of isolated microgrid using fractional order PID based on hybrid craziness-based particle swarm optimization and pattern search (5620 Views)
Optimal Coordination of Directional Overcurrent Relays Considering Synchronous DGs Transient Stability in Distribution Networks (5476 Views)
Hierarchal Control for Accurate Sharing of Reactive Power and Harmonic Currents in Islanded Microgrids based on Instantaneous Circulating Currents (5122 Views)
A Comprehensive PMU-Based Fault Location Algorithm for Double Circuit and Multi-Terminal Transmission Lines (4885 Views)
Optimal Operation of Smart Distribution Network in Presence of Distributed Energy Resources (4859 Views)
Optimal Planning of Renewable Energy Resources in Smart Power Distribution Networks for Improvement of Passive Defense Indices (4511 Views)
Analytical Performance Model for FPGA-based Reconfigurable Computing (4412 Views)
Design of Delay locked loop for Wireless Receivers to Use in High Frequency Applications (4336 Views)
Predictive control strategy for power management in parallel hybrid-electric vehicle (4326 Views)
Design and Fabrication of a Compact Microstrip Low-Pass Filter with Sharp Transition Band and High Suppression Factor (4272 Views)
A Broadband Low Power CMOS LNA for 3.1–10.6 GHz UWB Receivers (4025 Views)
A New Topology for Three-Phase Multilevel Voltage Source Inverters Based on DC Power Supply with Reduced Number of Switches and Diodes (3991 Views)
Discrimination between Internal Fault and Inrush Currents in Transformers by Using Chaotic Method (3954 Views)
Design of Photonic Crystal Biosensor Based on Nano-Resonator (3936 Views)
Grid-Tie Multicell Inverter with High Safety and Ability to Obtain Maximum Power from Solar Cells (3935 Views)
Robust Control Design for Stabilizing of Microgrid Voltage in different operating conditions (3913 Views)
Fault Location in Double Circuit MV Power Distribution Networks Using an Impedance Based Method (3876 Views)
A heuristic Solution for Probabilistic Power Flow in Microgrids (3865 Views)
Direction of Arrival (DOA) Estimation Using Khatri-Rao Subspace (3855 Views)
Interference Management in Cognitive Radio Networks using Cooperative Beamforming with Imperfect CSI (3840 Views)
Design of a Novel DLL-Based Frequency Multiplier for High Speed Applications (3837 Views)
Modeling and Simulation of Flywheel Energy Storage System as V/f Reference in Islanded Microgrid (3814 Views)
Improvement of Inertia Response in Variable Speed Wind Turbines Using T–S Fuzzy System and PSO Algorithm (3797 Views)
Two step Voltage and Reactive Power Control in Electrical Distribution Networks Based on Electrical Load and Output Forecasting (3764 Views)
Multi-Microgrid Energy and Reactive Power Market Scheduling (3711 Views)
Ensemble of Community Detection in Social Networks (3709 Views)
Optimal Power Flow under Both Normal and Contingent Operation Using Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization and Nelder Mead Algorithms (PSO-NM) (3695 Views)
A New Perspective in Design and Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems: Consideration of Supply/Demand Match Evaluation Criteria together with the reliability of the system (3693 Views)
Design of Proximity Coupled Fed, U-Slot Microstrip Antenna for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Application (3655 Views)
Coordinating Commercial and Technical Virtual Power Plants to Participate in Energy and Spinning Reserve Markets (3640 Views)
Energy aware topology construction algorithm with the Mechanism of maintenance in WSNs (3619 Views)
Normalized and Improved Model Reference Adaptive System for Unified Power Flow Controller (3617 Views)
SCUC with demand response (3593 Views)
Distribution State Estimation Based on Particle Swarm and Doubly Loop Mutant Optimization (DLM-PSO) (3592 Views)
Linear Time Varying MPC Based Path Planning of an Autonomous Vehicle via Convex Optimization (3589 Views)
Voltage-Base Control of Camera Stabilizer Using Optimal Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control (3579 Views)
Improving Channel Access in WLANs by Dynamic Tuning of Contention Window and Transmission Opportunity (3562 Views)
Transient Stability Enhancement in Microgrids Including Inverter Interfaced Distributed Generations (3528 Views)
24-Pulse Fork Autotransformer Based Converter for Improvement of Power Quality Indices (3525 Views)
Stochastic Based Demand Response Model (3525 Views)
Security Constrained Bidding Strategy of GENCOs Based on Risk Analysis in Restructured Electricity Market (3502 Views)
Optimized Energy Management in Smart Buildings with Energy Trading (3446 Views)
Optimal Operation and Risk Management of Grid-connected Micro-grid (3441 Views)
Minimizing the Wind Power Curtailment Using a Short-Term Generation Redispatch Method (3427 Views)
Design and Fabrication of a High-Temperature Superconducting Microstrip Filter (3421 Views)
Optimal Sizing of DERs in Islanded MG for Supplying Electrical and Thermal Load Considering the Impact of Investment, Operation and Environmental Cost (3418 Views)
Non-detection zone determination and islanding detection for constant current inverter based distributed generation (3379 Views)
Federated Extended Kalman Filter for Sensor Fault Detection and Isolation (3368 Views)
A New Technique for Reduction of Leakage Current of CMOS Switches (3355 Views)
Design of an Expert System to Detect Phishing Attacks in E-Banking (3353 Views)
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