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Determination of Effective Parameters in Frequency Control of Iran Electric Grid by Processing and Optimization of Recorded Data (11652 Downloads)
Comprehensive Design and Fabrication of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor to Reach Minimum Cogging Torqu (7752 Downloads)
Interaction Modeling of Tumor and Immune System in Immunotherapy by IL-2 and Chemotherapy with Treg & IL-10 (5282 Downloads)
A New Topology for Three-Phase Multilevel Voltage Source Inverters Based on DC Power Supply with Reduced Number of Switches and Diodes (5263 Downloads)
Design of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machine Using Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorith (5169 Downloads)
Two step Voltage and Reactive Power Control in Electrical Distribution Networks Based on Electrical Load and Output Forecasting (4780 Downloads)
A New Perspective in Design and Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems: Consideration of Supply/Demand Match Evaluation Criteria together with the reliability of the system (4203 Downloads)
Development of Average Model for Control of a Full Bridge PWM DC-DC Converter (4161 Downloads)
Design and Fabrication of a High-Temperature Superconducting Microstrip Filter (3691 Downloads)
A New Technique for Reduction of Leakage Current of CMOS Switches (3651 Downloads)
Reliability Evaluation of Distribution Networks Containing Distributed Generations Using Entropy Index (3616 Downloads)
Concepts and Fundamentals of Resilience Assessment in Electric Power Grids (3440 Downloads)
Analytical Performance Model for FPGA-based Reconfigurable Computing (3354 Downloads)
Optimal Planning of Renewable Energy Resources in Smart Power Distribution Networks for Improvement of Passive Defense Indices (3299 Downloads)
SnO2 Deposited Thin-Film with Dip-Coating Method (3235 Downloads)
Design of Proximity Coupled Fed, U-Slot Microstrip Antenna for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Application (3226 Downloads)
Optimal Coordination of Directional Overcurrent Relays Considering Synchronous DGs Transient Stability in Distribution Networks (3212 Downloads)
Design of a Novel DLL-Based Frequency Multiplier for High Speed Applications (3014 Downloads)
Study, investigation and comparison of substitution indices for total harmonic distortion (2992 Downloads)
Power Management in an Isolated Balanced Microgrid Considering Small Signal Stability and Dynamic Response (2866 Downloads)
Transmission Expansion Planning Considering Security Cost under Market Environment (2799 Downloads)
Optimal Sizing of DERs in Islanded MG for Supplying Electrical and Thermal Load Considering the Impact of Investment, Operation and Environmental Cost (2776 Downloads)
Design of Photonic Crystal Biosensor Based on Nano-Resonator (2773 Downloads)
Ensemble of Community Detection in Social Networks (2754 Downloads)
A Broadband Low Power CMOS LNA for 3.1–10.6 GHz UWB Receivers (2740 Downloads)
Designing and Simulation of Quantum Well Triple-Junction Solar Cell (2684 Downloads)
Modeling and Simulation of Flywheel Energy Storage System as V/f Reference in Islanded Microgrid (2662 Downloads)
A New Method in Moving Target Recognition Using Ground Surveillance Pulse Doppler RADARs (2625 Downloads)
Fault Location in Power Distribution Network with Presence of Distributed Generation Resources Using Impedance Based Method and Applying π Line Model (2623 Downloads)
Multilevel Inverter with Direct Nonlinear Controller For Connecting Solar Farms To The Grid (2578 Downloads)
Properties of Mineral Insulating Oils in Service (2537 Downloads)
Using a Subset of Primary Clusters to Construct a Consensus Partitioning (2510 Downloads)
Economic Competitiveness of Nuclear Power Plants in Iran (2356 Downloads)
A heuristic Solution for Probabilistic Power Flow in Microgrids (2338 Downloads)
Design, analysis and construction of double band antena for LEO sattelite (2332 Downloads)
Generation Expansion Planning Considering Renewable Energy Resources and Support Schemes Using GSA (2331 Downloads)
Federated Extended Kalman Filter for Sensor Fault Detection and Isolation (2207 Downloads)
Mitigating Negative Sequence Current of Islanded SmallScale Synchronous Generator Using an Inverter-based Resource (2190 Downloads)
Boiler-Turbine System predictive Controller Design (2174 Downloads)
Introducing a Novel Method for Real Time Estimation of Power System Voltage Instability Based onWideArea Protection (2121 Downloads)
A New Method for Dynamometry of Single Phase Induction Motors (2111 Downloads)
Design of Dual-Color Mid-Infrared Quantum Well Photodetector Based on Cascade Structure (2069 Downloads)
Fault Location in Transmission Lines in the Presence of Fault Current Limiter (2016 Downloads)
Improvement of Inertia Response in Variable Speed Wind Turbines Using T–S Fuzzy System and PSO Algorithm (2006 Downloads)
Direct Application of Nash Equilibrium Method to Analyze Strategic Gaming in Electricity Markets (1978 Downloads)
Ferroresonance Modeling in Transformers Based on a Novel Hysteretic Core Model (1971 Downloads)
A Special Protection Scheme for Contrast with Extreme Contingencies of Fars Region Located in South of Iran Power National Network (1965 Downloads)
Analysis and Simulation of Multi-Stage Boost Z-Source Inverter (1928 Downloads)
Comprehensive Evaluation of Crosstalk and Delay Profiles in VLSI Interconnect Structures with Partially Coupled Lines (1917 Downloads)
Design of Delay locked loop for Wireless Receivers to Use in High Frequency Applications (1876 Downloads)
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